watches Chrono24 GTG London event reportLast weekend we flew away and off to the funding on the British isles to get to know a little group of watch enthusiasts. We received a party invitation due to this GTG, organised by Chrono24, in the heart of London. Following within the first Chrono24 GTG within their headquarter in Karlsruhe, Germany. As you can expect out there style of events, the venue was kept a secret before the final minute. Directions however led us with a historic location found on the river Thames. Doesn't necessarily get much more united kingdom than this.Upon our arrival at Shakespeare's Globe we make our in place to the event location where we have been welcomed with the hosts with the evening. Along with a glass of bubbles we slowly see almost all of the guests arriving that permits for your beginning of the official program for that Chrono24 GTG inside london.Holger Felgner, co-CEO of Chrono24After one word of welcome by our personal Blaise and Holger Felgner, among the Chrono 24 CEO's, the evening begins. A thing that should be said, although Chrono24 will be the host on the event, they want to ensure that it isn't really with them this evening. Needless to say we all do have some info and insights about the subject of all time about watch collectors and enthusiasts. Proclaiming that they solely need to be linked to bringing us together. An issue that resolved perfectly for dinner replica watches .Not knowing what to anticipate we quickly learn that there exists a special guest. Roger Smith could be the key speaker to the evening. Using an impressive background in watchmaking he were able to replica watches capture 30 years of his work to a Thirty minute presentation. Something he talks openly about with great pleasure.Roger W Smith OBE. The Watchmaker.Upon the hint of the presentation on their Instagram account a lot of attention was gained already. Just to give an effect, people asked for additional info and suggested to acquire the notes alone. rolex watches cost In the Thirty minute presentation Roger definitely gave us some food for thought instead of for that inexperienced. We quickly dive in to the essentials of watchmaking and precision which goes into great detail. After his presentation arrived to hang out and like the good company. Usually there are several familiar people plus some new faces. One of the attendees there was clearly popular collectors, media colleagues as well as somebody who was brand-new to replica watches. As a whole it was an intriguing lot of people who brought everything from a vintage school Casio F-91W to a Patek Philippe 3970, perpetual calendar with moon-phase. Sweet treats So it clearly makes no difference what's inside your watch collection mainly because it became a an excellent get-together. On the list of guests brought his vast collection of very skilled watch drawings. All handmade using only 1 rule only, weather resistant be carried out in 60 minutes. Be sure to look at his artwork on @onehourwatch and provide him with a follow if you'd prefer a specific item.Lee Yuen-Rapati showing his artworkThe evening lasted until midnight when the last guests left and now we found our long ago to the hotel before returning the very next day. The same as the first GTG we'd a blast and we're awaiting the next edition being held you never know where. Big due to Chrono24 with the organising and turning it into another event to remember. replica cheapest rolex model watches
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